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Updated October 2019

We got the ford the first week of October 2019 from Nova Scotia.

The truck frame was not servicable (known at time of acqusition) thanks to the winter salting of roads.

I had a few minor issues to resolve before pulling the batteries for my RAV4 and parting the rest out for a ford ranger conversion kit.

Here are some photos on the way as there seems to be a shortage of detailed information on these trucks.

click on pictures for a larger view.

As usual I will try to add more pages and info as time permits.

October 2019

Battery Disconnect      
 Battery Disconnect  pack open  Battery ECU
Battery Contactor

The close up pictures below are of an interesting discovery while checking out the PTC module.
It would appear that the capacitor swelled at some point in its life causing the bottom connection post to create a direct short across the 300 volt supply from the battery. The copper traces did not stand a chance. Good thing it diod not cause more damage. Quite tlikely thi swould have happend years ago or last week, no way to know. This would be something other owners should consider addressing to avoid any bigger problems. The capacitor should be replaced 47uf 450 volts.
I did not have one on hand at the time to replace it but will later.

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