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Accumulated life on the Boeing 737 as of July 2015

This page compliments of Andy Lamb of Cedar Beach Ocean Lodge.

Andy ben diviing ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Andy's 737 passenger list: 117 Species and counting !

The following list will likely change over time so keep an eye out for updates. (last update July 2015)

We have used Andy's book "Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest" as a reference and so are using the Lamb-Hanby Species ID letter/number code and the page reference is where to find it in "The book". If you need a copy of "The book" and would like to order one drop us an email and we'll make sure you get an autographed copy. I hope you find this as interesting as I do and I hope further you will come and join us in exploring the Salish Sea soon.

The fish species referenced at the bottom of the table are identified using the new 2010 edition of Coastal Fishes of the pacific northwest, by Andy Lamb and Phil Edgell





Common Name Scientific Name The Book Comments      
SW 9 sea moss Cladophora sp. page 21        
  SW 12 flat-tube sea lettuce   Ulva linza  Page 22  few on float rope      
SW 42 sugar wrack kelp  Laminaria saccharina Page 30  some young on float rope    
PO 1 tiny vase sponges  Scyon spp. Page 61 on fuselage      
PO 6 lacy ball sponge  Leucosolenia eleanor Page 62  numerous small colonies mostly on fuselage
PO 22 hermit sponge Suberites domuncula forma latuss Page 66  
CN 2 giant plumose anemone  Metridium farcimen Page 81  very many mostly tiny but some larger ones on wing edges primarily
CN 59 glassy plume hydroid  Plumularia setacea Page 98  abundant very short    
CN 63 wine-glass hydroids  Obelia spp. Page 99  very many      
CN 63 orange wine-glass hydroids  Bouganvillia sp. (most likely) Page 99  bright orange and very thick on marker buoy rope
CN 69 similar to barnacle fur hydroid  Hydractinia sp. Page 100  plentiful on tubeworm tubes  tiny colonies
CN 78 loose spiral hydroid  Hydrallmania distans Page 102  abundant on plane    
CN 90 fried egg jelly  Phacellophora camtchatica Page 105  few drifters      
CN 89 lion's mane  Cyanea capillata Page 105 in the luggage rack  and few drifting and inside fuselage
CN 92 moon jelly  Aurelia labiata Page 106  abundant juveniles and adults floating near plane
CN 99 aggregating jelly  Eutonina indicans Page 108  many drifting      
CT 1 sea gooseberry  Pleurobrachia bachei Page 112  abundant floating near plane  
CT 3 lobed sea gooseberry  Bolinopsis infundibulum Page 113  many drifting      
NE 11 orange ribbon worm  Tubulanus polymorphus Page 119 one on fuselage      
AN 49 sheathed bristle-cage worm  Flabelligera affinis Page 146 on top surfaces of fuselage and wings
AN 52 red-trumpet calcareous tubeworm  Serpula columbiana Page 148  very many on entire structure  
AN 54 western calcareous tubeworm  Pseudochitinopoma occidentalis Page 149  very abundant on entire structure  
AN 55 yolk-bearer calcareous tubeworm  Crucigera zygophora Page 149  very many adults and juveniles on and in plane
AN 65 split-branch feather-duster  Schizobranchia insignis Page 153  some small and solitary on marker buoy rope and plane
AN 67 twin-eyed feather duster Bispira /sp. Page 154 Underneath plane
AN 78 jointed three-section tubeworm  Spiochaeopterus costarum Page 159  abundant particularly on upper wing surfaces
BZ 10 spiral bryozoan  Bugula californica Page 166  abundant on plane    
BZ 14 white tuft bryozoans  Crisia spp. Page 167  very many on plane    
BZ 7 orange encrusting bryozoan  Schizoporella unicornis Page 165        
BZ 13 leaf crust bryozoan  Dendrobeania lichenoides Page 167 very many on plane
BZ 24 fluted bryozoan Hippodiplosia insculpta Page 170        
MC 1 lined chiton Tonicella lineata Page 176        
MC 5 woody chiton  Mopalia lignosa Page 177 many on plane      
MC 8 Swan's mopalia Mompalia swani page 178        
MC 12 smooth mopalia Mopalia vespertina Page 179        
MC 155 hooded puncturella  Cranopsis cucullata Page 217 few on plane      
MC 167 wrinkled dogwinkle  Nucella lamellosa Page 220 few on plane      
MC 281 winged sea slug  Gastropteron pacificum Page 249 few drifters      
MC 258 checkered hairy snail Trichotropsis cancellata Page 243 many on plane      
MC 297 Heaths dorid Geitodoris heathi Page 253        
MC 303 Nanaimo nudibranch  Acanthodoris nanaimoensis Page 255 few on plane      
MC 304 pilose doris  Acanthodoris pilosa Page 255  3 in a breeding group at tail  
MC 331 dendronotus iris Dendronotus giganteus Page 262  
MC 332 red dendronotid  Dendronotus rufus Page 262  large specimens inside and along wings
MC 345 frosted nudibranch  Dirona albolineata Page 266  few on plane with some egg ribbons too
MC 346 golden dirona  Dirona pellucida Page 266 few small o plane      
MC 349 opalescent nudibranch  Hermissenda crassicornis Page 267 throughout the plane interior and on the exterior.
MC 350 red flabellina  Flabellina triophina Page 267 many inside and on exterior  
MC 358 rustic aeolid  Eubranchus rustyus Page 269 few on hydroids on rope    
MC 379 giant Pacific octopus  Enteroctopus dofleini Page 273 one small in tail section    
MC 31 Pacific blue mussel  Mytilus trossulus Page 184  tiny ones as individuals on marker buoy rope and 1 cluster at float
MC 43 spiny pink scallop  Chlamys hastata Page 187 many, small on plane and supports  
MC 54 green false-jingle  Pododesmus macrochisma Page 190  abundant over much of plane  
AR 2 black-and-white sea flea  Chromopleustes oculatus page 276 on fuselage      
AR 16 Alaskan skeleton shrimp  Caprella alaskana Page 279  abundant on buoy ropes
AR 36 krill (Euphausid) Page 285  
AR 60 three spine shrimp  Heptacarpus tridens Page 291  2 on plane
AR 77 coonstripe shrimp  Pandalus danae Page 295  abundant juveniles and sub-adults on and in plane
AR 97 Oregon crab Cancer oregonensis Page 300 few at tail
AR 98 red rock crab  Cancer productus Page 300  1 adult on plane
AR 101 Dungeness crab  Cancer magister Page 301 on pedestal as well as shells in interior
AR 106 northern kelp crab  Pugettia producta Page 303  1 juvenile on marker buoy rope  
AR 113 graceful decorator crab  Oregonia gracilis Page 305  many on plane hiding in hydroids  
AR 114 long horn decorator crab  Chorillia longipes Page 305  some on plane      
AR 132 Puget Sound king crab  Lopholithodes mandtii Page 310  1 dull coloured juvenile on a support  
AR 156 hermit crab Pagurus stevensae Page 316  
AR 165 common acorn barnacle  Balanus glandula Page 319  very abundant over plane at least 2 sets
EC 2 giant pink star  Pisaster brevispinus Page 325  some small on plane    
EC 28 sunflower star  Pycnopodia helianthoides Page 332  very many of various sizes on plane  
EC 29 rose star  Crossaster papposus Page 333  some small on plane    
EC 3 mottled star  Evasterias troschelii Page 326  many on plane      
EC 47 feather star  Florometra serratissima Page 338  very abundant adults and tiny stalked juveniles all over plane
EC 48 red sea urchin Strongylocentrotus franciscanus Page 338 few juveniles  
EC 50 green sea urchin  Stronglyocentrotus  droebachiensis Page 339  few almost full grown on plane  
EC 54 giant sea cucumber  Parastichopus californicus Page 340  many juveniles on plane    
EC 74 creeping pedal sea cucumber Psolidium bidiscum Page 345 many on plane      
EC 7 leather star  Dermasterias imbricata Page 327  few on plane      
CH 1 transparent tunicate  Corella willmeriana Page 346 many on plane      
CH 3 sea vase  Ciona savignyi Page 347 abundant on plane    
CH 4 glassy tunicate  Ascidia paratropa Page 347        
CH 7 broadbase tunicate  Cnemidocarpa finmarkiensis Page 348 some on plane      
CH 9 bristly tunicate  Halocynthia igaboja Page 348 few on plane      
CH 12 brown tunicate  Styela gibbsii Page 349  very abundant particularly on undersides of plane surfaces
CH 15 hairy tunicate  Boltenia villosa Page 350  very abundant tan coloured particularly on undersides of plane surfaces
CH 16 disc-top tunicate  Chelyosoma productum Page 350  abundant on plane    
CH 17 transparent disc-top tunicate  Chelyosoma columbianum Page 350 2 on wing      
VB 11 Pacific cod  Gadus macrocephalus Page 364 forward cargo bay    
VB 12 walleye pollock Theregra chalcogramma Page 364 school of juveniles at tail      
VB 14 black eye goby Rhinogobiops nicholsii Page 364        
VB 28 longfin gunnel  Pholos clemensi Page 368 1 on wing      
VB 23 decorated warbonnet  Chirolophis decoratus Page 367 1, interior nose area    
VB 30 wolf-eel  Anarrhichthys ocellatus Page 369 under plane      
VB 33 pile perch  Rhacochilus vacca Page 370  few juveniles very near plane  
VB 32 striped sea perch  Embiotoca lateralis Page 369  school often inside    
VB 34 shiner perch  Cymatogaster aggregata Page 370  several schools of sub adults mostly very near plane few inside
VB 35 kelp perch  Brachyistius frenatus Page 370  few, often inside      
VB 36 copper rockfish  Sebastes caurinus Page 370  very many juveniles and young-of-the-year  "hugging" plane and inside
VB 37 quillback rockfish  Sebastes maliger Page 371  few larger from last years recruit inside and around plane
VB 39 brown rockfish  Sebastes auriculatus Page 371  1 or 2 juvs      
VB 42 black rockfish  Sebastes melanops Page 372 1 juvenile, in interior  nose area  
VB 43 yellowtail rockfish  Sebastes flavidus Page 372  few juveniles in nose area    
VB 45 Puget Sound Rockfish Sebastes emphaeus Page 373  
VB 48 yelloweye rockfish Sebastes ruberrimus Page 374 juvenile
VB 57 Lingcod Ophiodon eleongatus Page 376 Several that appear to be resident
VB 65 longfin sculpin Jordania zonope Page 378  
VB 69 cabezon  Scorpaenichtys marmoratus Page 379 1, spotted on several occasions around base
VB 70 red Irish rord  Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus Page 379 1,        
VB 72 Pacific staghorn sculpin  Leptocottus armatus Page 380 1 on wing      
VB 79 grunt sculpin  Rhamphocottus richardsonii Page 381 several juveniles along leading edge of starboard wing
VB 80 sailfin sculpin  Nautichthys oculofasciatus Page 382 1 juvenile on plane    
VB 89 northern spearnose poacher Agonopsis vulsa Page 384  
  ** padded sculpin  Artedius fenestralis Page 201  very many adults and juveniles on and in plane
  ** speckled sand dab  Citharichthys stigmaeus Page 289 under plane      
  ** rock sole  Lepidopsetta bilineata Page 298 under plane      
  ** pygmy poacher Odontopyxis/ /trispinosa Page 260        
  ** Smooth head sculpin Artedius lateralis Page 202 leading edge of tail
  ** Lobefin Snailfish Liparis greeni Page 271 descent line
** These fish species are not in Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest, so it has no letter/number code Page references are from Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest
*most likely this species but certainly a species of Caprella

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