The EV1 conversion was so successful we have embarked on a 2nd conversion.

This time however we are going to use current generation technology including and AC motor and 5 Tesla Lithium battery modules.

we are aiming for a range of between 150 and 200km so that it can be used as our daily driver.


The engine Bay all cleaned up

This is the old engine weight.                             The new motor.

     02J tranny

The new tranny(02 J), AC50 motor and Curtis controller/


Total investment for this second conversion including slightly used Lithium batteries is expected to come it at around $15,000 cdn


Tranny Mounts from S&P

Half Shaft dimension problems.I know that the jetta is a 100 mm and the rabbit 90mm. Its the length I was surprised to see is different.


VW Halfshaft collection

vw vs jetta halfshaft

It may be that over the years I swapped in the wrong wheel hubs but I can not for the life of me get the left hand half shaft in.

More details to come ........