6 - Electrical Systems

          6.1 Turn signals
         6.2 Relay block
         6.3 Terminal Block
         6.4 Fuse Block
         6.5 Starter lock out

6.1 Turn signal

This switch has 4 pins, which provide for left turn, right turn, common, and horn. All in one piece

bentley schematic Wiring for this circuit is tricky, Power comes from the fuse block (brown wire) to the hazard switch. A blue wire runs from the hazard switch to the flasher relay. An orange wire runs back to the hazard switch and to the center pin (49a) of the turn signal switch the yellow and greens run to the turn signal lamps. The adjacent schematic from the Bentley Rabbit manual is the most useful piece of information you will find. Click on it for enlargement.
More detail  on this subject later.
kubvan hazard switch Brown         Blue        Red
    NC        Orange     Yellow
    NC        Orange      Green
Photo and pin out are not the best but following the text above right the brown comes from the fuse block, the blue goes to the hazard relay the orange comes from the hazard relay and turn signal switch on the steering column, with the yellow and green going to the turn signal lights in parallel with the yellow and green from the steering column switch.

6.2 Relay Block configuration

kubvan relay block Relays from the left
1-Unknown, not even used in one of my vans.
2-Turn signal/hazard flasher
3-Radiator fan low speed
6-Radiator Fan high speed

Thinking about modifying relays by adding an LED on the top so you can see which ones are on.

One of these must be the starter check and add.

6.3 Terminal block

kubvan terminal block

6.4 Fuse block

kubvan fuseblock

6.5 starter lock out (Automatic park interlock bypass)

kubvan automatic park bypass


After you have modified your vehicle to a manual transmission, you will need to bypass the automatic transmission starter lock out. IE the don't start while in gear dummy lockout.