Au Canada, on peutse procurer la version Fran^aise de ce manual aupres du concessionnaire ou a l'adresse indiquee.
Operating your vehicle outside the U.S.A. or Canada
Government regulations in the United States and Canada require that motor vehicles meet specific emission regulations and safety standards.
If you plan to take your vehicle outside the continental limits of the United States or Canada, there is the possiblity that:
page21.jpg• Diesel fuel or the correct grade of diesel fuel may not be available:
• Service may be inadequate due to lack of proper service facilities, tools or testing equipment:
• Replacement parts may not be readily available.
Grumman Olson cannot be responsible for the mechanical damage that could result from inadequate fuel, service or parts availability.
For more information, contact your dealer or Grumman Olson.

 The Vehicle Identification Number Is located on the instrument panel on the driver's side so that it is visible from the outside through the driver's side quarter window.

The Vehicle Identification Plate is your assurance that your new Kub-van complies with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that were in effect at the time the vehicle was manufactured. This plate is fastened to the windshield wiper motor mounting plate.