page31.jpgThe engine number is on the front face of the engine block, just below the water outlet.
Please observe the following points regarding the operation and maintenance of your Kubvan:
First things first
• Turn the engine off before you attempt any checks or repairs on the vehicle.
• Be sure tires are inflated correctly. Check for damage and tire wear.

• See that wheel bolts are properly tightened and not loose or missing.

•  Check engine oil level, add if necessary. Make it a habit to have engine oil checked with every fuel filling.
• Check coolant level to assure sufficient engine cooling. Be sure you have a well charged battery.
page32.jpg• Check brake fluid level. If too low, have brake system checked.

• Replenish windshield washer fluid.

• Check that engine hood is locked safely.
• Replace worn or cracked wiper blades.
• See that all windows are clear and unobstructed.
• Check that all light lenses are clean.
• Be sure all lights are working and headlights are aimed correctly.
• Check under vehicle for leaks.
• Be sure all cargo is stowed securely.

You'll find helpful hints on how to perform most of these checks in this Manual.
Emergency equipment. It is good practice to carry emergency equipment in your vehicle. Some of the things you should have are: window scraper, snow brush, container of sand or salt, emergency light, small shovel, first-aid kit.

In the driver's seat

  Check operation of horn • Position seat for easy reach of controls.• Adjust inside and outside rear view mirrors.• Use safety belts as directed.