Normal Range: 12-14 V Problem Range: below 9 V

A temporary drop in charging system voltage is normal during starting. If the voltmeter consistently shows less than 9V, contact your Grumman Olson dealer.

page82.jpgOil Pressure Gauge
Normal Range: 30-90 psi 210-620 kPa

Danger Zone: below 20 psi 140 kPa

This gauge does not show oil level. If the dipstick shows an adequate oil level when the pressure is low, do not restart engine; contact your Grumman Olson dealer or qualified workshop.


page83.jpg Engine Water Temperature
Normal Range: 180-210F 62-99C
Danger Zone: 250-280F 120-140C

The needle in the water temperature gauge will indicate the temperature of the coolant shortly after the ignition is switched on.

Engine operating temperature will vary with climate, traffic conditions and engine load. Maintain moderate speed until the engine has warmed up.