page151.jpgHeater Control Panel
Heat directs heated air to a vent under the dash.
Def directs heated air to the dashboard vents.
Temp controls the level of heat.

Recirc closes the outside air inlet so that the air inside the van is circulated through the heating system. The fan setting determines how much air moves through the system


page152.jpg Dashboard Vents
Rotate grills to direct air to windshield, side windows or back of van.
Directing all air toward the windshield, and selecting high temperature and fan settings will aid defogging and defrosting.
• Maximum heating output and fast defrosting can be obtained only after the engine has reached operating temperature.

• Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the proper use and function of the heating and defog-

page153.jpg Cold Start Knob
• If engine has not been operated for a few hours (regardless of outside temperature), pull cold start knob before starting.

• About 2 minutes after starting fully push in cold start knob.

See pages 25 and 26 for complete starting procedure.