page181.jpg Rear Door Latch

To open, pull handle.
Rear latch can be locked with brass key.

Note: On canopy-style rear door, latch is mounted vertically. Operation, however, is identical.

page182.jpg Seat Adjustment Lever

Pull lever to the left, and slide seat to desired position (forward or backward). Let go of lever.

CAUTION: Do not adjust the driver's seat while the Kubvan is moving. If the seat moves suddenly the driver can lose control of the van. Also, move seat slowly to avoid pinching fingers.

page183.jpg DAY-NIGHT LEVER Inside Day-Night Mirror

You can adjust the day-night mirror from clear daylight visibility to nonglare visibility at night by moving the lever at the bottom of the mirror.
Daylight driving — lever forward Night driving — lever rearward

Note: This mirror is installed only on vehicles with optional windows in the rear doors.