page191.jpg Outside Rear-view Mirrors
Adjust the outside and inside mirrors before driving and after adjusting your seat to proper driving position. It is important for safe driving that you have good vision to the rear.

The mirror is hinged and folds flat against the vehicle when struck from either direction.


Every time the ignition is turned on, the seat belt warning light and buzzer will come on for about 6 seconds as a reminder to buckle up.

Inertia reel retractor

The combination lap/shoulder belt with inertia reel locking mechanism adjusts automatically to your size and movements as long as the pull on the belt is slow.

Rapid deceleration during hard braking or a collision locks the belt. The belt will also lock when you drive up or down asteep hill or around asharp curve.


To fasten, grasp belt tongue and pull belt in continuous slow motion across your chest and lap. Insert belt tongue into buckle on inboard side of seat. Push down until it is securely locked with an audible click. Pull belt to check. Belts should fit snugly across the pelvis and chest. Make sure any slack is wound on the retractor. Do not wear shoulder part of belt under your arm or otherwise out of position. This would increase the possibility of serious injury in case of an accident.