page221.jpg Parking Brake

To release, push forward until handle reaches position shown. To apply, pull handle toward you.




The parking brake should be able to hold the vehicle securely, even on a steep grade. If it does not, adjust as follows:

Release brake and turn handle clockwise to tighten, counterclockwise to loosen. Adjust one turn at a time until the brake holds the vehicle securely when engaged. Do not over adjust. If brake does not hold vehicle, and no further adjustment is possible, see your Grumman Olson dealer or qualified workshop.


Push knob in. When lighter is ready for use, it will spring back.

The socket of the cigarette lighter may be used for 12 volt appliances with maximum consumption of up to 200 watts, such as hand spot light, small vacuum cleaner, etc.

RADIOS (optional equipment) AM-FM & AM-FM Stereo

The following instructions apply to factory installed radios and most aftermarket AM-FM and AM-FM stereo radios.

• Turn radio ON with ON-OFF knob.

• On AM-FM radios, select AM or FM band with selector switch.

• Tune to the desired station with manual tuning knob.

• Adjust tone, volume and speaker balance* as desired.

*where applicable