Before starting the Kubvan, be sure it is safe to drive.
• Check all tires.
• Check for body damage.
• Check undervehicle foroil, diesel, or water leaks.
• Adjust rear view mirrors.
• Checkwindshieldwiperand horn.
• Check steering wheel for excessive play.
• Check service and emergency brakes.
• Check all lights and signals
• Check accident report kit and emergency equipment.
• Be sure all cargo is stacked no higher than seat back(s).
• Fasten seatbelt.

• Fasten safety belts betore driving.
• Never start or let the engine run In an enclosed, unventilated area. Exhaust fumes from the
engine contain carbon monoxide, which Is a colorless and odorless gas. Carbon monoxide can be fatal If Inhaled.
Never leave engine idling unattended. An unattended vehicle with a running engine is potentially hazardous.
Do not park or operate the vehicle In areas where the hot exhaust system may come In contact with dry grass, brush, fuel spill or other flammable material.
Never leave engine Idling. When starting engine, be ready to drive off Immediately. Maintain moderate speed until engine Is warm.
If you smell fuel in the vehicle, drive with the windows open but keep the rear door closed. Have the cause Immediately located and corrected.
Never drive with the rear door(s) open, as exhaust gas may be drawn Into vehicle.
Never operate vehicle with side doors open.


Ignition Switch
1. Ignition, glow plugs off. Steering locked, lfthekeywon'tturn, gently rotate the wheel. Never turn the key to this position while the vehicle is in motion. All steering will be lost.
2. Ignition, glow plugs on. Steering unlocked.
3. Starter engaged.
The glow plugs pre-heatthe combustion chambers until they are hot enough for combustion to take place. The GLOW PLUG light will be lit when the glow plugs are working.