and move the selector lever into the position you want. Then step on the accelerator again.
When stopping temporarily, at traffic lights for example, it is not necessary to move the selector lever to Neutral. Simply apply the brakes. To start again, release brakes and accelerate.
When parking your vehicle, apply the parking brakefirst, and then movethe selector lever completely to position P. To do this, lift the collar and push the lever through R to P. The transmission is then mechanically locked.
Shift out of the Park position before releasing the parking brake.
When the car is parked on a steep hill, shifting out of Park may be a little harder. This is due to the weight the vehicle exerts on the transmission.
Park may only be engaged when the vehicle is stationary.
Do not remove the key from the Ignition steering lock until you have parked the vehicle, because removal of the key locks the steer-ing wheel.
When alternating between forward and reverse drive—for instance, while maneuvering the vehicle into a tight parking space—only shift into Reverse or Drive when the Vehicle has come to a full stop, and the engine is running at idle.
Stuck In snow, mud or sand
When alternating between Drive and Reverse in an effort to free the vehicle, depress the accelerator pedal lightly while the transmission is in gear, and release the accelerator pedal while shifting. Do not race the engine, and avoid spinning the wheels.
Do not "rock" back and forth with wheels spinning at high speed as serious damage may be caused to the automatic transmission and other critical parts.
If you cannot free the vehicle after a few "rocking" attempts, call for help.
Accelerator "Kickdown"
When depressing the accelerator pedal you will find resistance near the full throttle position. By applying greater pressure, the pedal can be pushed beyond this point to the kick-down position. The transmission will now shift automatically into the next lower gear to give you maximum acceleration. It will shift up again after accelerator pressure is eased or after the engine has reached maximum speed in that particular gear.
Observe thefollowing when applying the accelerator kickdown:
• With selector lever in D or E, you can apply the kickdown to make the transmission shift down into second gear when driving below 63 mph or 102 km/h and down to first gear when driving below 32 mph or 51 km/h.
• With the selector lever in "2", you can apply the kickdown to make the transmission shift down into first gear when driving below 32 mph or 51 km/h.