• As soon as you release the pedal from the kickdown position the next higher gear is automatically engaged.
Be careful when using the kick-down on slippery roads. Rapid acceleration may cause skidding.

Accelerator pedal
For good fuel economy we recommend smooth and even acceleration.
Very fast, racey driving, alternating between full throttle and hard braking, raises the fuel consumption considerably. Also, tires and brake linings wear faster. It is more economical to drive smoothly and at fairly constant speed.
Do not use Neutral for coasting downhill. Coasting downhill with the transmission In Neutral and the engine not operating will result In damage to the Automatic Transmission.


Functioning of brake system
Your Kubvan is equipped with a power assisted hydraulic dual circuit brake system with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Each circuit functions independently. Each brake circuit operates one front and one rear wheel, diagonally. This design, together with other front axle features, helps to keep you on a straight course when braking.

In the unlikely event of hydraulic failure of one circuit, push the brake pedal down firmly and hold It In that position. A mechanical linkage activates the second circuit, and you will be able to bring the vehicle to a safe stop.

Failure of one brake circuit will Impair the braking capability resulting In an Increased stopping distance.
Avoid driving the vehicle and have It towed to the nearest Grumman Olson dealer or qualified workshop.

Brake pedal

• Secure the floor mat against sliding Into positions that could Interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle.
• Do not "ride the brakes" by resting your foot on the pedal when not Intending to brake. Brake "fade" and wear will result.
• Before descending a steep grade, reduce speed and shift transmission Into a lower gear or driving position to control speed. Do not ride the brakes or hold pedal down too long or too often. This could cause the brakes to get hot and not function properly.

Brake operation and brake warning light
Make it a habit to check the operation of your brakes before driving. The brake warning light will light up if the parking brake is pulled and/or if one of the brake circuits should fail.