road salt from the underside with a powerful jet of water. Be sure to includethewheel housings, bumpers, muffler, tailpipe and brackets. This should be done twice a year and is best accomplished after the vehicle has been driven through a heavy rain. Let engine and exhaust cool down before washing.
Waxing is not really needed when you have used a car-wash and wax solution. If you do not use a car-wash liquid with wax, apply wax to preserve the natural shine of the body paint. To obtain a long lasting finish, apply hard wax. Wax again when water remains on thesurface in large patches instead of forming beads and rolling off.
Use a polish when it becomes evident that waxing no longer accomplishes the job. If the polish you are using does not contain wax, apply hard wax after polishing.
EXTERIOR Tar or oil
Do not allow tar or oil to remain on the paint, Remove as soon as possible
with a cloth soaked with special paint cleaner. If you do not have a tar or oil remover, you may substitute with turpentine. After applying a cleaning fluid, always wash with lukewarm soap/water solution and apply a new wax coat.
Remove as soon as possible with a lukewarm soap/water solution or insect remover.
Tree sap
Do not allow tree sap or bird drop-pings to harden on the paint. Remove with a lukewarm soap/water solution.
Scratches and chips should be touched up. The affected surface must be smoothed with sand paper and covered with a primer, before restoring the painted finish.
Keep slllcone sprays off the windshield to avoid wiper smear In rain.
Clean all windows regularly to remove road film and car-wash wax buildup. Use a lukewarm soap/water solution or an alcohol base commercial window cleaning agent. If a chamois is used for polishing the glass, it should be used exclusively for that purpose.
To assure that windshield washers function at freezing temperatures, anti-freeze must be added to the washer fluid reservoir beforehand. It is advisable to use window washer solvent with anti-freeze all year round. Follow directions for the right amounts to be used. Do not use engine coolant antl-treeze or any other solution that can damage the paint.
Wiper blades
Always loosen frozen wiper blades from glass as they may tear otherwise. Remove all wiper blades periodically and clean them thoroughly with an alcohol base cleaning solution. Use a sponge or soft cloth and wipe lengthwise.