To seal properly, weatherstrips around windows and doors must be pliable. Spray with silicone or coat with talcum power or glycerine to maintain flexibility of the rubber, and to protect against freezing in the winter.
Dull finishes and plastics
Plastic parts, such as light bulb lenses, will come clean with regular washing. Should additional cleaning or spot removal be necessary, use a soft brush orcloth soaked with amild detergent solution. Then rinse thoroughly and immediately with clear water. Do not use anything which could mar the plastic or dull finished surface, such as polish, abrasive detergents or chemical cleaning solvents.
Bright metal trim
Brighttrim will comeclean with regular washing. To protect metal trim, use car wax. Remove spots and dirt from chrome with a chrome cleaner. Apply a chrome polish for continued luster and protection
Use the same cleaning agents as for exterior.
Use a vacuum cleanerora soft bristle brush to remove dust and loose dirt from upholstery. Dirt stains can usually be removed with a lukewarm soap/water or all purpose cleaner solution, or a dry foam cleaner. For greasy, oily and other stubborn stains, use a spot remover. Do not pourthe liquid onthefabric. Dampen a clean cloth and rub carefully, starting at the edge and working inward.
Seat belts
Keep belts clean. Very dirty belts may not retract properly. Do not remove belts from the vehicle to be cleaned. Do not use chemical cleaning agents, bleach or dyes. They contain corrosive properties which will weaken tne webbing. Do not allow inertia ree' safety belts to retract before tney are completely dry
For cleaning, use a mild soap/water solution. Let belts dry out thoroughly and away from direct sun light.
Plastic and vinyl
Use a clean, damp cloth or sponge to keep free from dust. For other soilage. use a lukewarm all purpose cleaning solution or a mild saddle soap for vinyl. Remove water spots and soap traces with a clean, damp cloth or sponge. Use a clean, soft cloth to rub dry.
Grease, tar or oil stains can be removed with a clean cloth or sponge soaked with all purpose cleaner, or with a solvent-type vinyl cleaning agent.
Occasionally apply a colorless vinyl or preservative such as Armor-All or equivalentto retain the material's luster and pliability.
Do not apply undercoating or rustproofing on or near the exhaust manifold, ehust pipes or heat shield.-