During driving, the substance used for undercoating could catch fire.
Lower Body Shell
The lower body shell of your Kubvan is thoroughly protected against corrosion. However, it is recommended to have the underside inspected twice a year. Any detected damage to the undercoating, due to road hazards, should be repaired promptly. Oil based protective sprays must not be applied. Only tar or wax based anticorrosion protectors are compatible with the factory applied undercoating. Before application, road dirt, salt spray deposits and oil substances must be removed.
Whenever the lower body shell, axle, transmission or engine assemblies have been repaired, the lost anticorrosion coating of the affected surfaces should be renewed.

page361.jpg A failure in the electrical system may be caused by a blown fuse or a malfunctioning relay.
The headlights are protected by a self-resetting circuit breaker which is an integral part of the light switch.
Fuses and relays are located under the LH (driver's) side of the instrument panel.



page362.jpg Replacing a fuse

Before replacing a fuse, turn oft all lights and accessories and remove the ignition key to avoid damaging the electrical system.
• Consult the chart which follows, to determine which fuse protects the circuit that is malfunctioning.
• Pull that fuse straight out, and inspect it.
• If the fuse element is broken, replace fuse with one of equal amperage value molded into fuse head. Do not use fuses of higher amperage than those marked on the fuse you are replacing.