For a better grip on snow and ice use radial mud and snow tires or snow tires with studs. Check with your local Motor Vehicle Bureau for possible restrictions.
Snow tires should have the same load capacity as original equipment tires and should be mounted on all four wheels. Snow tires with studs should be run at moderate speeds when new in order to give the studs time to settle.
• Tires with badly worn treads and studs are very dangerous. Make sure they are replaced immediately.
Do not drive a vehicle equipped with snow tires at prolonged high speed. Snow tires do not have the same degree of traction on dry, wet or snowfree roads as normal tires. Furthermore, snow tires wear rapidly under these conditions.
Snow tires do not fulfill their purpose if the tread depth is less than 5/32 in/ 4mm.
Snow chains
Snow chains can be used on the front wheels only.
Check with local authorities for possible restrictions.
Only use chains with fine pitch links protruding no more than % in/15 mm from tire tread and side walls, including tensioner. Wheels must rotate freely in all steering positions with chains mounted to prevent damage to body, front axle or brake components. Remove chains when roads are free from ice and snow.
The engine compartment of any motor vehicle is a potentially hazardous area. If you are not fully familiar with proper repair procedures, do not attempt the procedures described on the following pages. This caution applies to all other areas of the vehicle as well.
• Before working on any part in the engine compartment, turn the engine off and let it cool down sufficiently. Hot engine compartment components can burn skin on contact.
• Even after the engine is stopped the radiator fan may continue to run until the temperature of the coolant has dropped to a certain level. Therefore, never touch the fan blades as they will rotate spontaneously when the thermoswitch turns the fan on (even with Ignition off).
• Be alert and cautious at all times while the engine is running.
• It work has to be done with the engine running, always set the parking brake, make sure the shift lever Is In either Neutral Manual or Park (Auto).
• Exercise extreme caution to prevent neckties, jewelry or long hair from getting caught In the fan blades, the drive belts, or other moving engine parts.