• Do not let Diesel fuel spill on engine components.
• Do not dump Diesel fuel or old filters on the ground, into streams or down sewage drains.
All the dust present in the air and drawn in by the engine is retained by the filter element in the air cleaner. A dirty filter not only reduces engine output but can increase Fuel consumption and cause premature engine wear.
Normally, it is not required to service the air cleaner more often than recommended in the Maintenance Schedule. If the vehicle is driven on very dusty roads, the air cleaner must be serviced more frequently.
To clean or replace filter element
Turn oft engine!
• Heed warnings on pages 46 and 47.
• Disconnect breather hose at top of housing.


Unfasten clamps and open housing to gain access to the filter element.


• Remove filter element, shake out dirt, or replace if necessary.
• Close housing and fasten clamps.
• Reconnect breather hose and air intake tube securely.
The paper filter element must never be cleaned or soaked with gasoline, cleaning solvents or oil.
Engine oil consumption
It is normal for an engine to consume oil. The rate of oil consumption depends on the quality and viscosity of oil, the speed at which the engine is operated, theclimate, road conditions as well as the amount of dilution and oxidaton of the lubricant, and the condition of the engine.
Because of these variables, no standard rate of oil consumption can be established, but drivers should expect an increased oil consumption at high speeds and when the engine is brand new or very old.