Engine oil capacity is 4.2 quarts/4.0 liters without filter change, and 4.7 quarts/4.5 liters with filter change.
Capacities shown are for dry engine. Pilling capacity may be slightly less.


To replace the oil filter:
• Remove old oil filter element (under vehicle) and discard.
• Use new oil filter (Volkswagen Part No. 068 115 561 B or equivalent).
• Lightly coat filter seal with oil.
• Screw on filter element and hand-tighten according to manufacturer's instructions on the carton or on the filter element.
• Fill engine with the appropriate amount of engine oil.
• RunengineatvariousspeedsforS to 5 minutes and check for leaks.
• Check dipstick for correct oil level, top off if necessary.
The oil filter should be changed at the intervals listed in the Maintenance Schedule at the end of this section.


Correct V-belt tension is important for overall vehicle performance. Use Volkswagen V-belt No. 068 903137 B.
• Tensloning and replacing of V-belts/drive belts should be performed by qualified personnel.
• Stay well clear of the V-belt when the engine is running. Before checking V-belt tension turn the engine off and let it cool down. Do not touch the tan blades. They will rotate when the thermoswitch turns the fan on, even with the ignition off.
Heed warnings on pages 46 and 47.
For year round driving, anti-freeze is added at the factory for protection at temperatures down to -40F/-40C
Because of its anti-corrosion properties, anti-freeze should also remain in the cooling system for summer operation.