The brake fluid reservoir is located at the rear wall of the engine compartment on the left side as seen in driving direction.
The fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir should always be between the two marks "MAX" and "MIN". If the brake fluid level falls considerable below the mark "MIN", the complete brake system should be thoroughly checked and the cause corrected.
• Every 2 years the brake fluid should be replaced. See the Maintenance Schedule at the end of this section.
• If brake fluid must be added to the reservoir, use only new DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid, that meets SAE specification J 1703, and conforms to Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116.
• Do not use any other brake fluid, or brake fluid that has absorbed moisture from the open air, or brake fluid that Is dirty. It may cause premature wear or unreliable braking action.
• Do not add or mix DOT 5 sill-cone type brake fluid with the brake fluid In your vehicle, as severe component corrosion may result. Such corrosion could lead to brake system failure.
• The brake warning light does not Indicate brake fluid level. Check fluid level between regular maintenance services.
• Brake fluid is poisonous. Brake fluid Is also harmful to the paint of your vehicle.
• Heed warnings on pages 46 and 47.


The windshield washer reservoir is located in the front of the engine compartment next to the radiator.
To add washer fluid just lift the filler cap. The reservoir can be filled to the top.