Use winterized windshield washer solvent all year round. It helps to keep your windshield clean, and prevents freezing of fluid in the winter.
Follow the directions on the container for the correct amount to be used.
After filling the reservoir, press the cap back onto the filler neck.
Do not use engine coolant or any other solution that can damage the vehicle paint.
Heed WARNINGS on pages 46 and 47. BATTERY
The battery is located on the left side of the engine compartment.
The original equipment battery is of a maintenance free design, and should normally require no attention.
• In the unlikely event that electrolyte (battery acid) should leak out of the battery, do not let It come In contact with skin, eyes, fabric or painted surfaces.
• If you do get it in your eyes or on your skin, rinse immediately with cold water for several minutes, and call a doctor.
• Do not expose the battery to flameor sparks, as the gas produced by a battery is explosive.
Winter operation
Battery capacity tends to decrease as temperatures drop. Additionally, more power is consumed while starting, and the headlights, heater, rear window defogger, etc., are used more frequently. Curtail unnecessary power consumption, particularly in city traffic or when travel ing short distances only. A well charged battery will not only prevent starting problems but will also live longer.
Cleaning terminals and connections
• Do not wear jewelry of any kind when working on the electrical system.

• Before work is done on the electrical system, disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
• When working on the battery, be sure not to short circuit the terminals by laying tools or other metallic objects on the battery. This would cause the battery to heat up very quickly, which could lead to damage or explosion.
• Heed cautions on pages 46 and 47.
To clean terminals, remove the negative cable first, then remove the positive cable. Clean contact surfaces with a wire brush. Reconnectihe positive cable first, then reconnect the negative cable. Coat the exposed metal terminals with silicone spray or petroleum jelly. Make sure the connections are snug, but do not overtighten.
Never drive the vehicle with adisconnected battery as this may damage the electrical system.