A — Discharged battery B — Booster battery X — To ground on engine block
5. Start engine in booster vehicle.
6. Start engine in vehicle with discharged battery in the usual manner. If engine fails to start, do not continue to crank for more than 30 seconds.
7. With the engine running, remove jumper cables from both vehicles in exact reverse order: Steps 4 through 1.
Heed WARNINGS on pages 46 and 47.
Vehicles with automatic transmission
Do not push or tow vehicle to start. Damage to the transmission and/or other parts of the vehicle may result.
The following is a list of symptoms, along with probable causes, and corrective actions for each. This is a quick-troubleshooting check list only, and is not intended as a substitute for the proper diagnostic and repair procedures outlined in the Kubvan Service Manual.
• If you are not fully familiar with proper repair procedures, do not attempt the checks, adjustments or repairs described in these pages.
• If you encounter trouble on the road, move the disabled vehicle a safe distance off the road, turn on the hazard flasher, and use any other warning devices at your disposal to alert other motorists.
Be extremely cautious, when working on any part of the vehicle, to prevent Injury. Remove neckwear and Jewelry. Tie long hair back behind your head. Disconnect the negative battery cable before working on the electrical or fuel system, unless It is necessary that the battery be connected for testing.