Service stations offering Diesel fuel are generally located along truck routes of major highways. Directories of Diesel fuel stations are usually sold at Diesel fuel stations.

CAUTION: Fuel filler door is behind driver's door. Do not open driver's door while fueling, as this may dislodge fuel hose. Make sure driver's door is fully closed.
Some U.S. states and Canadian provinces require permits to purchase Diesel fuel. Check with your State Motor Vehicle Department.
Diesel fuel may not be available out-side the continental U.S. and Canada. We therefore recommend you do not take your vehicle to countries where Diesel fuel may not be obtainable.
Your Diesel engine has been specifically designed to operate on Diesel fuel only. Therefore, do not use home heating oil or regular gasoline. The properties of these fuels may cause serious damage to the fuel injection
system and to the engine. This may lead to additional expense and may also affect your warranty.

Winter operation
At temperatures below 20F (-7C), Diesel Fuel No. 2 loses its fluidity due to wax separation. This may clog the fuel filter or tank strainer, and keep the engine from running.
If you expect temperatures below 20F (-7C).
• Use Diesel Fuel No. 1, if available in your area.
• If Diesel Fuel No. 1 is not available, ask your fuel dealer whether his Diesel Fuel No. 2 is sufficiently winterized for the prevailing temperatures.
• As a measure of precaution add a commercially available Diesel fuel flow improver (pour point depressant) to your Diesel fuel. Because of the many different flow improvers on the market, as well as differences in Diesel fuels, their effectiveness varies. Use only according to instructions on containers.
• If winterized Diesel Fuel No. 2 or No. 1 is not available, mix Diesel Fuel No. 2 with up to 50% Kerosene. Engine power may drop, therefore keep percentage of kerosene added to Diesel Fuel as low as the temperature allows.

Mixing table

Temperature No.2 Kerosene
20 to 14F (-7C to-10C)
below 14F (-10C)

Note: Fuel fill door is inaccessible when driver's door is open.