• Mixing Diesel Fuel No. 2 with Kerosene must be done before wax starts to separate. Later mixing may be effective in the fuel tank but not In the rest of the system.

• Always add the correct amount of Kerosene to the fuel tank first, and then fill up with Diesel Fuel No. 2.
• Do not use "starting assist fluids", they will cause engine damage.
• Do not use fuel line anti-freeze offered for gasoline engines.
• Handle all fuels In well ventilated areas. Do not smoke or have anything in the area that can Ignite fuel.
• Never carry additional fuel containers In your vehicle. Such containers may leak, cause an
explosion, or result in fire in case of a collision.

Your Kubvan can be towed by any commercial tow truck using conventional sling-type gear. Vehicles with manual transmissions can be towed with either the front or rear wheels off the ground. Vehicles with automatic transmissions should be towed only with the front wheels off the ground. If it is necessary to tow an automatic transmission vehicle with the rear wheels off the ground, do so for a maximum of 30 miles, at a maximum speed of 30 mph. Greater distances and/or speeds will damage the transmission, unless drive shafts are removed.


Never allow passengers to ride in a towed vehicle.

page741.jpg Towing with front wheels off the ground
• Insert "T" hooks, from inboard sides, into front towing eyelets.
• Place a 4" x 4" board, edge first, in the channel behind the front body panel.