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The Mystery Wreck know locally as Kenny's old boat

Sorry we are going to keep the location a secret for the time being.

This a 40 foot fishing boat scuttled about 2002, the coast guard looked for it and apparently could not find it.

Local diver Dusty Knowles found it shortly after. He gave me directions (just south of the bent arbutus in 50 feet of water)

It still took a few dives over a couple of years to find so we can't just give the location away can we ........

UPDATE: The wheel house has now collapsed and planking is falling off the starboard side.

BEWARE: This is a hazardous dive, lot's of sharp objects and floating submerged line.

Thanks to Lakan Baban and Christine Hind for the great photo's

Photos' above thanks to Lakan Baban shot November 6th using a Nikonos with dual strobes

Photo's below thanks to Christine Hind shot November 11th at the boeing work and dive.

Christine's camera is a Fuji F810, 6mp with an Ikelight Housing.