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MARCH 2004

CANOE ISLET with 49th Parallel Dive Charters.


This site is famous for the wreck of the Del Norte but whats really cool about this site is the tiger rockfish and the Puget sound King Crab. The bottom here is thick with the small green Sea Urchin as well as giant purple ones.

This is a dive not without risk and made worse by variable weather conditions. You have to watch the tide here as it is effected by the same currents as Porlier pass. If the wind is coming in from the north or east it can be rough and cold.

We have experienced freezing temperatures on the surface with a balmy 45 degrees at depth

A sandy bottom strewn with boulders and remains of the wreck. Depths over a 100ft. 

Seals that hang out on the drying rocks just south of Canoe islet are curious and will vist you while diving. Although a mentioned it can be rough and cold at the surface once you drop down you are protected by the reef and can have quite a nice dive. Visibility is dependent on Fraser River run off and weather