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March 2008

The Del Norte, Canoe Islet, Porlier Pass.

This is a very rich site , second only to Boscowitz rock also in Porlier Pass. This site sports a Historic ship wreck and a heck of a lot of life. Andy has counted 165 species on one spectacular dive. This is only a slack dive and difficult to find. The current can hit 9+ knots here, that's why there is so much life.

You will find Sea Penn and Nudibranch of all description as well as  Big rockfish hanging out around the rocks of the reef, we have also seen Cabazon, lingcod, abalone, red & Green Urchin and a fantastic variety of soft coral.

The steam engine, axels and hub from the paddle wheel as well as  the double steam boilers are still there. Remains of the hull  lie on the sandy shell bottom and is scattered around the reef in about 70fsw.

The Del Norte was a 190 ft side wheel passenger steamer she was built in San Francisco in January of 1865.

The Del  Norte was on route to Victoria from Nanaimo. While attempting to navigate through Porlier pass in the fog she ended up running aground on Canoe Islet due to a strong flood tide on October 21`st 1868. She finally sank three weeks later after all the hard work of Captain Windsor and his crew to save her had failed due to a gale blowing her off the reef and into deep water on November the 11th 1868.

Note: This is a protected Historic Wreck it is illegal to remove artifacts.

Thanks to Swedish diver Hans Spicar for this great   wide angle shot taken in October 2008.  www.resochdyk.nu