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January 2004

False Reef with 49th Parallel Dive Charters.


Not sure why it's called false reef except maybe they found it on  a real high tide and it was under water. Indeed a lot of it is under water and there is a lot of it. So if technically it's a rock it is a nice reef to dive. Located On the west side of Thetis Island it's easy to get to current is not a real concern tide however is as you will want to anchor your boat accordingly. We have dove the south and west sides of this rock and found rockfish lingcod, Nudibranch as well as the standard anemones. Although we have not found any Octopus on this rock there are lots of signs of them being about. The rock it's self is a series of shelfs at 40, 50 and 70 feet with the bottom rolling off into the distance at the 90ft level.