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Porlier Pass, The Point Grey on Virago Rock

Underwater photography thanks to  Lakan Baban.

This is an advanced dive, as you can see from the foundering picture below the tug  hit a big rock. The current rips through, which is one why the tug ended up here in the first place and two why it makes it an advanced dive. The current at full tilt hits 10 knots most divers can not swim against more than a knot..

The Point Gray when she was still working.



The Plaque on the wreck of the Point Grey


Foundered on the rocks 1949


The wreck of the Point Gray is ion about 50 ft . We  dropped in within 20 ft of the wreck about amidships. We checked out the big props and remains of the engine room, enough time for a photo opportunity and then down around to the bow. 

Peter on the prop

Ribs of the wreck

Around the bow


Underwater photography thanks to  Lakan Baban