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January 2005

Seagull Reef with 49th Parallel Dive Charters.

 "The final entry on All year round diving, and the three reefs of Saltair"

We just made up the names as no one around seemed to think they had any names

We called this one Seagull reef cause we actually found and retrieved an abandoned Seagull Out board motor.

This reef proved to be the most interesting as it had the most life of the three here. We saw schools of rockfish, several greenlings, and various other smaller fish. 

Scattered all over the reef were lots of Sea Cucumber of varying sizes..

Sea stars including blood reds seemed to prefer the top portion of the reef. One area had several masses of lingcod eggs. Although we did not see any Lings. Lots of the standard Anemones as well as a few orange Pulmose. A  few Swimming scallops were near the top also. We saw a few small live rock scallops, but many more very old dead large rock scallop shells. This certainly indicates that the health of the reef was better in the past..Nice reef to dive Visibility was about 50ft, the water was cold there is still a lot of fresh water runoff in the area.

 Anchoring was easy in about 35 feet of water.

The reef itself is a large rock with slabs all along the shallow areas and boulders at depth. We went down as far as 90ft where the bottom continued on down a gradual slope before we turned back.

Less than 10 minutes from Chemainus by boat, good anchorage, little current.