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Yes there should be a Mural !.

The history of lost ships in this region, seems to be something that has been missed in the story books of Chemainus.

As time permits I will post some of the History here along with the stories of our dives and what you can expect to find. Of course an important note to make here is that diving these wrecks is all about what you find. Please leave these wrecks as you find them so that others to may enjoy discovering the secrets of the deep.

The Del Norte, 190 ft Steamer, run aground in fog, 1868, Canoe Reef

HMS Panther, 194 ft Bark, run afoul of a reef 1874, stranded Wallace Island.

The S.S. Miami, 320 ft. Steel Freighter, run aground 1900, Miami Reef

The Robert Kerr, Coal Carrier, run aground while under tow, 1911, Miami Reef

The Peggy Mc Neill, 65 foot wooden steam tug, capsized 1923, Porlier Pass (still looking for this one).

The Point Gray , 105 foot steel tug, ran aground 1949,Porlier Pass

Preservation of our wrecks is thanks to these Guys and Gals