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This page compliments of Cedar Beach Ocean Lodge

  Andy Lambs top ten dive sites in the Salish Sea:

  The Del Norte, Race Point, Dionisio, Galliano Wall, Norway Island

  Hall Island, Stuart Pinnacle  Escape Ridge, Conover Cove.

 See details below:

Andy Lamb and I having been diving together regularly since 2006, It's been a real treat having a Marine Biologist as a dive buddy. Many of the old sites seem new and fresh because Andy always finds something I have not seen before or is able to accurately identify the critters I had spotted in the past. Of course he's a wealth of knowledge on creature behavior and habitat so he really helps put together the big picture of what's happening in the environment.

Everyone talks about how rich our marine environment is and how there is more than 5000 species out there and we have the 2nd best diving in the world etc. etc. but not many of us have actually seen a list

Andy's been rating the dive sites as we have been going along and he figures a good site is one that he has been able to identify a 100 critters or more. So I decided it would be interesting to share the details of the sites that indeed have met the criteria.

The following list will likely change over time so keep an eye out for updates.

We have used Andy's book "Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest" as a reference and so are using the Lamb-Hanby Species ID letter/number code and the page reference is where to find it in "The book". If you need a copy of "The book" and would like to order one drop us an email and we'll make sure you get an autographed  one.

Although we have indicated the number of creatures found at each site we have only listed the ten most interesting or unique on each of the sites and we have tried to not duplicate species across sites unless there was something special about the circumstance or they were particularly abundant.

I hope you find this as interesting as I do and I hope further you will come and join us in exploring the Salish Sea soon..

Dive# 2567 May 21/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Augustus Point, Kuper Island SW126 red islet silk Sparlingia pertusa  Page 54
SW132 fleshy bush seaweed Scinaia confusa  Page 55
Dive Buddies Doug Deproy, Jennifer Ingram CH26 tube-dwelling anemone Pachycerianthus fimbriatus  Page 88
MC77 Pacific gaper Tresus capax  Page 196
# of species found 110 MC276 white bubble shell Haminoea vesicula (spawning)  Page 247
MC331 giant nudibranch Dendronorus iris (spawning)  Page 262 
Visibility 30ft AR2 black-and-white sea flea Chromopleustes oculatus  Page 276
Max depth 55ft AR105 helmet crab Telmessus cheiragonus  Page 302
Bottom time 74 min AR113 graceful decorator crab Oregonia gracilis  Page 305
Weather Partly cloudy, calm CH1 transparent tunicate Corella willmeriana  Page 346
dive# 2570 June 6/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Hall Island SW2 eelgrass Zostera marina  Page 17
SW105 iridescent seaweed Mazaella splendens  Page 49
Dive Buddies Peter Luckham CN101 blob-top jelly Neoturris breviconis  Page 108
CT3 lobed sea gooseberry Boliniosis infundibulum  Page 113
# of species found 134 AN66 slime-tube feather duster Myxicola infundibulum  Page 154
MC103 rose-painted clam Semele rubropicta  Page 203
Visibility 15ft MC292 freckled pale sea lemon Peltodoris lentignosa  Page 252
Max depth 67ft MC352 three-lined nudibranch Flabellina trilineata  Page 268
Bottom time 63min AR132 Puget Sound king crab Lopholithodes mandtii  Page 310
Weather Sunny, Windy VB65 longfin sculpin Jordania zonope  Page 378
dive# 2573 June 1/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Lighthouse Bay, Porlier Pass SW38 broad-winged kelp Alaria marginata  Page 29
CN9 stubby rose anemone Urticina coriacea  Page 84
Dive Buddies Peter Luckham MC16 Merten's chiton Lepidozon mertensi  Page 180
MC142 whitecap limpet  Acmaea mitra  Page 213
# of species found 142 MC330 orange-peel nudibranch Tochuina tetraquetra  Page 262
AR158 blackeyed hermit Pagurus armatus  Page 317
Visibility 30ft EC24 sand star Luidia foliolata  Page 331
Max depth 56ft EC34 daisy brittle star Ophiopholis aculeata (carpet bottom)  Page 334
Bottom time 71 VB12 walleye pollock Theregra chalcogramma (schools of young)  Page 364
Weather Sunny, Calm VB79 grunt sculpin Rhamphocottus richardsoni  Page 381
dive# 2574 June8/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Stuart Pinnacle, Stuart Channel CN89 lion's mane Cyanea capillatus  Page 105
CN93 cross jellyfish Mitrocoma cellularia  Page 106
Dive Buddies Jennifer Ingram AN51 white-crown calcareous, tubeworm,  Protula pacifica  Page 147
BZ12 fan bryozoan Dendrobeania murrayana  Page 166
# of species found 101 MC19 three-rib chiton Lepidozona trifida  Page 181
MC294 white nudibranch Doris odhneri  Page 252
Visibility 50ft MC311 barnacle-eating nudibranch Onchidoris bilamellata  (spawning)  Page 257
Max depth 97ft MC320 Cockerell's nudibranch Limacia cockerelli  Page 259
Bottom time 69min AR31 Opossum shrimps or mysids (swarming)    Page 283
Weather Sunny, Calm VB39 brown rockfish Sebastes auriculatus  Page 371
dive# 2581 August 11/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Escape Reef, Stuart Channel SW138 sea grapes Botryocladia pseudodichotoma  Page 57
PO26 stalked trumpet sponge Stylissa stipitata  Page 67
Dive Buddies Cameron Burns, John Hazell CN27 orange zoanthid Epizoanthus scotinus  Page 88
MC332 red dendronotid Dendronotus rufus  Page 262
# of species found 101 AR77 coonstripe shrimp Pandalus danae  (abundant juveniles)  Page 295
  AR83 Pacific prawn Pandalus platyceros  (abundant juveniles)  Page 296
Visibility 25ft EC42 gray brittle star Ophiura lutkeni  Page 336
Max depth 84ft CH7 broadbase tunicate Cnemidocarpa finmarkiensis  Page 348
Bottom time 70min VB39 brown rockfish Sebastes auriculatus  Page 371
Weather Sunny, Light wind  N/A harbour seal, Phoca vitulina  N/A
dive# 2585 August 6/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Conover Reef, Wallace Island SW13 sea lettuces Ulva sp.  Page 22
SW60 bull kelp Nereocystis luetkeana  Page 35
Dive Buddies Pete Luckham SW136 blue branching seaweed Fauchea laciniata  Page 57
PO7 spaghetti sponge Leucosolenia nautilia  Page 62
# of species found 103 MC54 green false-jingle Pododesmus macrochisma  Page 190
MC78 Pacific geoduck Panope abrupta  Page 197
Visibility 15ft MC167 wrinkled dogwinkle Nucella lamellosa  Page 220
Max depth 75ft CH20 orange social tunicate Metandrocarpa taylori  Page 351
Bottom time 43min VB14 blackeye goby Rhinogobiops nicholsii  Page 364
Weather Sunny, Calm VB73 buffalo sculpinm Enophrys bison  Page 380
dive# 2590 September 10/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Norway Island SW104 Turkish towel Chondracanthus exasperatus  Page 48
CN30 orange cup coral Balanophyllia elegans  Page 89
Dive Buddies Peter Luckham CN41 white sea pen Virgularia sp.  Page 92
AR106 northern kelp crab Pugettia producta  Page 303
# of species found 110 EC47 feather star Florometra serratissima  Page 338
EC48 red sea urchin Strongylocentrotus franciscanus  Page 338
Visibility 15ft VB8 tubesnout Aulorynchus flavidus  Page 363
Max depth 110ft VB35 kelp perch Brachyistius frenatus  Page 370
Bottom time 69min VB58 painted greenling Oxylebius pictus  Page 376
Weather Sunny, Calm VB75 great sculpin Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus  Page 380
dive# 2600 September 6/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Race Point, Porlier Pass SW17 spongy cushion Codium setchellii  Page 23
SW46 broad-rib kelp Pleurophycus gardneri  Page 31
Dive Buddies Todd Barnreiter SW57 old growth kelp Pterogophora californica  Page 34
CN50 encrusting hydrocoral Stylantheca spp.  Page 95
# of species found 120 CN71 bushy pink-mouth hydroid Ectopleura crocea  Page 101
AN56 dwarf calcareous tubeworms Pileolaria spp.  Page 149
Visibility 30ft AN64 Vancouver feather-duster Eudistyllia vancouveri  (carpeting vertical wall)  Page 153
Max depth 89ft MC131 rock entodesma Entodesma navicula  Page 210
Bottom time 56min AR111 sharpnose crab Scyra acutifrons  Page 304
Weather Sunny, Light wind EC50 green sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis  Page 339
dive# 2610 November 18/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Spanish Hills, Galiano Island SW122 slimy leaf Schizymenia pacifica  Page 53
  AN58 fringed filament-worm Dodecaceria fewkesi  (abundant reef-builder)  Page 150
Dive Buddies Sherri Golbeck, Nesta Chapman BZ19 lattice-work bryozoan Phidolopora pacifica  Page 168
MC152 pustulate blind limpet Lepeta caeca  (on metal pot)
# of species found 119 MC181 sandpaper trophon Scabrotrophon maltzani  Page 224
MC346 golden dirona Dirona pellucida  Page 266
Visibility 15ft MC271 giant Pacific octopus Enteroctpus doflieni  (out in the open played with divers)  Page 273
Max depth 89ft EC46 basket star Gorgonocephalus eucnemis  Page 337
Bottom time 56min VB43 yellowtail rockfish Sebastes flavidus, (magnificanet school of adults)  Page 372
Weather Sunny, Light wind VB49 tiger rockfish Sebastes nigrocinctus  Page 374
dive# 2611 November 18/06 Lamb-Hanby species  ID Common name  Scientific Name The Book
Location Dionisio Reefs, Porlier Pass SW130 bull-kelp nori Porphyra nereocystis,  (very long)  Page 55
CN39 orange soft coral Alcyonium sp.  Page 91
Dive Buddies Shane Hay, Greg Matsuo MC165 northern abalone Haliotus kamtschatkana  Page 219
MC178 lurid rocksnail Ocinebrina lurida  Page 223
# of species found 111 MC260 northern compact wormsnail Vermetus compactus  Page 243
AR130 rhinoceros crab Rhinolithodes wosnessenskii  Page 309
Visibility 35ft EC16 slime star Pteraster tesselatus  Page 329
Max depth 66ft CH35 red ascidian Aplidium solidum  Page 355
Bottom time 52min VB48 yelloweye rockfish Sebastes ruberrimus, (tiny, very dark red and white stripes)  Page 374
Weather Partly cloudy, light wind VB57 lingcod Ophiodon elongatus  Page 376