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Dive map (September 2016)

Dive sites
Norway Island
Augusta Point
Bare Rock, Chemainus
Sea Gull Reef
Porlier Pass Galiano Island
Virago Point
Pringle Park, Gabriola Is.
The Point Gray Porlier Pass
Canoe Islet, Porlier Pass
The Robert Kerr
Bare Point, Chemainus B.C
False Reef

Our cool scuba diving sites in the Salish Sea, Chemainus and Vancouver island region. We have a Variety of diving where you will find a fine representation of species that British Columbia Waters are famous for including historic shipwrecks and our very own Boeing 737 artificial reef with over 100 species on board. We spend a lot of time diving and mapping our sites to ensure that we set you on the "Sweet Spot" not just drop you in the water and hope you find something interesting.


From the map above you can see that we have a lot of very cooling diving in two main areas Stuart Channel (left)and Trincomali Channel (right), this region we call the Salish Sea. Stuart Channel parallel to Vancouver island is a low current area where we find Shallow and deep reefs on both the Vancouver Island side and on the Thetis/Kuper Island side of the Channel. Rocky mountain peaks rise up from the bottom and support a variety of fish and invertebrate species for your scuba diving enjoyment. Stuart Channel  scuba diving sites features reefs and pinnacles that are home to Cloud sponge, Octopus, wolf-eel and abundant rockfish, some unique species include black rockfish, brown rockfish, tiger rockfish and vermilion rockfish. Seals are often observed on some of our haul out reefs. Trincomali Channel has many current dependent dive sites including Porlier Pass, Alcala and Galiano wall. There are numerous sites to visit to give you a full days diving. With the good tidal exchange you will find many species of Rockfish, giant lingcod, soft corals, Nudibranch, Starfish and anemones.