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Xihwu Reef the Boeing 737 Artificial Reef

The Worlds only Boeing 737 Dive Site  located at 48 56.46 123 43.080 near Chemainus B.C. CANADA

You can find the Airframe detail here

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There are three floats on the site, the two scotsman are decent floats, pink on the nose and orange on the tail.
The large diameter steel buoy is for mooring. There is a horizontal line that leads to the plane from this float

New mooring can and descent line configuration is a large 4 foot diameter float on the site for dive boat tie up. Peter Luckham, divemaster with 49th would like to remind all visitors to the site to please not secure a boat bigger than 15ft to the descent lines as it damages the aircraft and the lines especially in windy conditions. The new mooring can has a line connected on  ring to secure to. We have also installed a new guide line 50 feet down the mooring can line, that if followed will take you directly to the nose of the aircraft so you can avoid the surface swim to the tail or nose descent lines.

This scuba diving site in BC continues to evolve as a habitat for a variety of creatures found in the Pacific Northwest.

urchin mask

Cowichan  carver Doug August created the Urchin Mask that was placed on the nose. The mask has sadly returned to the elements having decomposed over time.


Gus ModestPenelakut Carver Gus Modest created the totem for the site mooring shown on the left. The carving is that of a Human Figure transforming to or from a Red Urchin, with a Killer whale emerging from his mouth.



This artificial reef sunk in January or 2006 now has five years off life under the Salish Sea, divers from all over the world have visited this dive site. Many visit every year to see the development of new species. Despite nasty rumors the Aircraft remains intact and continues to be a safe dive site showing little or no signs of deterioration or corrosion. The wings, supports and fuselage are checked annually for structural integrity and corrosion. As of 2011 it continues to be a very cool dive. The Sea Urchin mask has been lowered to the bottom where it is less prone to damage from boaters that continue to tie up to the ascent and descent lines, please do not do this.


 Please tie up to the  floats marked for  mooring , and do not deploy an anchor in the area. Thank you

Over 122 species identified on the aircraft to 2017  Come and check it out with 49th Parallel Dive charters.

Don't be satisfied with just diving the plane come and see what other great and cool diving including reefs and historic shipwreck that only we have to offer in our region.

Thank you very much to the people that made this project possible