The headlight assembly:

This diagram is taken from a Mitchell estimating guide. and shows the related VW parts and assembly.headlight diagram



This diagram is for the Rabbits built for the US market. I have been told that the rabbits built for Canada and I believe from the German plants, are a round headlamp with a different mounting.

Certainly at the wrecking yard I was looking for one only had round headlights. Funnily enough a movie I watched the other night "Zodiac" features an orange rabbit as one of the lead actors car. The movie is based in California and the rabbit has round headlights. So more definitive reseach needs to be done here. It may simply be that the germans cars had round headlights and the Brazil cars had square headlights and these vehicles were sold in both countries.

The pictures below shows how I modified the head light mounting to replace the alignment adjustment screw mounts with off the shelf parts from Lordco

 The part for this retrofit is made by "MOTORMITE", part number 42161.

Lightpot rightmount top


The new mounting is 3/8 thick hard plastic screwed on with a nut and bolt in the original holes. The new lamp mount is screwed to the plastic spacer with self tapping screws. The top mount is pop riveted  from the back as there is no space for nuts or screw heads at the back of the pot.