page271.jpg 4+E (5-speed)

Gearshift Pattern

Start engine with gearshift lever in Neutral, clutch pedal depressed.
Always depress the clutch pedal fully when -changing gears. Do not hold the vehicle on a steep hill with the clutch pedal partially depressed. This may cause premature clutch wear or damage. Resting your hand on the shift lever knob while driving will cause premature wear in the transmission.
The Manual Transmission is fully synchronized in the forward gears. The forward gears and the reverse gear are arranged as illustrated. To engage gear E, move shift lever to the right beyond the spring pressure point and push forward.
"E" stands for "Economy"
Drive in gear "E" for optimum fuel economy when cruising. However, if more acceleration is required (when passing, for example), down shift into 4th gear.
• To down-shift from gear E to 4th gear, avoid shifting accidentally Into 2nd gear, which will suddenly Increase engine speed and may cause engine damage and loss of vehicle control.
Reverse Only shift into reverse when the vehicle is not moving.

page272.jpg To engage Reverse, move lever to left, lift hypo trigger, move further to left and push forward. Especially after driving, depress the clutch pedal fully and rest the shift lever in Neutral for a few seconds before shifting into Reverse.
When shifting from gear E to R, move gearshift lever to 3rd/4th gear level first
Backup lights go on when you engage reverse gear with ignition on.