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Gear Selector The selector lever has 7 positions:

The selector lever has a "T" collar below the handle. The collar must be lifted when selecting the following positions:

    From P to R

              R to P

              N to R

              2 to 1
The selector lever can be moved freely between the other positions without pressing the "T" collar.
Driving with Automatic Transmission
• Apply the parking brake or foot brake before selecting a driving
position. When the selector lever is in a driving position, the vehicle may creep even at idle speed. Therefore, do not release the parking brake or foot brake until you are ready to move. Do not press the accelerator while selecting a driving position. The engine must run at idle so that no undue stress will be placed on the automatic clutches in the transmission.

If the selector lever is unintentionally moved into Neutral (N) while driving, take your foot off the accelerator pedal and wait until the engine speed has dropped to idle before selecting a driving position.

Never shift into Reverse (R) or Park (P) when the vehicle is in motion.
Never get out of the driver's seat when the engine is running and the selector lever is not in the "P" position.
Always make sure the selector lever is in the "P" position when checking under the hood. Otherwise, any increase in engine speed maysetthevehiclein motion,even with the parking brake applied.
• The driving positions must never be used for holding the vehicle at rest uphill. Always use your foot brakes when stopped on inclines.
The driving positions
The Automatic Transmission has 4 forward driving positions and one reverse. In positions E, D and 2, the Automatic Transmission changes gears automatically while driving.
Position D is for city and highway driving. It ranges from zero to top speed, and all three gears shift automatically, depending on driving speed.
Position E is similar to driving position D. However, the transmission will disengage (or shift into Neutral) whenever the accelerator pedal is completely released.
In this position there is no power transfer from engine to transmission, thereby eliminating "creep".
Upon accelerating the engine, the transmission engages again which, in some cases, may be noticed as a slight thrust.