REAR SUSPENSION, Drive Train, CV JOINTS, Brakes and steering rack

KUb van rear axle

Kubvan old shock
Old shock extended
Kubvan Rear shock
New shock hanging from mount
kubvan shock installed
Shock and spring installed
kubvan shock part number
Shock Part #

If your lucky the bolts top and bottom undo and out it comes. In my case one top bolt was seized in place. So I ground  the bolt head off to try and pound it out with a punch. NO LUCK. Grinding the rivet heads off the support brace material on the frame and then getting a long blade in my reciprocating saw and pushing it up inside the frame parallel to the shock and cutting the bolt off at the top of the shock mounting bolt both sides until I could pull the shock out with the remaining part of the seized bolt still in the top of the shock mount and brace material was the only way to get it out. I bolted the brace material back in and reinstalled the new shocks.


Description VW part Number Alternate Substitute that can be made to work
Trailer arm (axel) 331-520-301 or 30    
Trailer arm bushing images KUbvan rear bushing KUbvan rear arm bushing  
Upper rubber spring mount 321-511-149 EH    
Shock 331-513-031A (Boge) B-47393 12-C-6 KOFAP, Munroe 31000 OR 31014
and as pictured and installed in my van
SACHS 27-270-0
KUbvan shocks
Rubber Brake line     super beetle front brake
Brake Pad (Drum)      
Wheel Drum 841-501 615A
also 74 to 78 -331 501 615
080-1977 Beck Arnley
9109 Raybestos
18b67 AC Delc
VW rabbit dasher pickup brake drum specswSome Jetta and other VW brake drums are much smaller than the Kubvans. You need to make sure you get the Rabbit pickup or Dasher drums from about 81. It seems that some of the manufacturers spec this same "200.00mm or 7.84 inch" drum as the same on some 90 to 99 Jetta's. I have not been able to confirm this by eyeballing the part. It would seem howvere if you compare brake shoes as below, that the shoes also cross from more than one vendor. The key is when replacing drums and or shoes make sure you get the 200mm size as the standard pre 90 jetta drum and shoes are way to small at 180mm.Specs from Bentley Rabbit Jetta diesel 77-84.
Rear Brake Shoes   495PG Raybestos 081-1851 Beck Arnley
17495B AC Delco
The Raybestos crosses over to a 90 jetta
Front axle CV boot 171-498-203

CV Joint and Boots

The process of replacing the Volkswagen Rabbit CV Boot is not really difficult except for the small parts which require attention and have to be free from dirt and dust at all times. The automobile's Volkswagen CV Boot blocks the CV joint from being damaged from debris on the road or hydraulic contaminants like mud. Volkswagen CV Boots work by enclosing the joint in a rubber protective boot, which guards it from damage. Though this component is not required for driveability under normal conditions, if it ruptures or is torn then your car's constant-velocity joint itself is vulnerable to becoming clogged or frozen, or broken, a repair which can run you hundreds of dollars.

For a great explanation of servicing your joints go here :

Steering rack

Check out this link for a steering rack rebuild, Thanks to Steve and Mike,

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