The door windows:

The window crank is pretty basic, it's won of the more beautiful design features.
the window goes up and down on a pin connected to a metal bracket attached to the base of the glass.
The crank is simply a chain run around three gears. The gears and chain get all gummed up you just need to clean it and re-lubricate it. To remove it have someone hold the glass, then undo all the screws on the inside panel, yep there is a lot of them, pop it out. The person holding the glass can then slide it towards one or the other edges of the door then kinda peel it out. I did this by myself just last week on one of my vans. It's easy after you figure out what's going on. The passenger door is the easiest to do as the steering wheel does not get in your way. When you put it back together make sure that the panel is at a minimum flat at the top, you can push it in a little so it applies some pressure to the chain and pin situation. Also the metal bracket position on the glass is important, try not to move it. If the slot in the bracket does not line up with the pin on the chain then it wants to go up at an angle, this can cause a problem. You can see a rust mark on the glass where it wants to be if it has moved accidentally. Also it needs to go back in the same way it came out, mark the outside or note if the bottom is dirty on the outside a little green stuff where it never gets clean, would be the outside.